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Our chefs prepare every dish with care to ensure our customers enjoy the best dining experience possible. Casual, everyday style food made from fresh, organic, vegan and non-GMO ingredients makes our menu reminiscent of Mom's home cooking, but it's not cooked at all!  Many dishes you would expect to be cooked are ever so gently warmed to no higher than 118 degrees so that we can be sure to serve you a completely live food entrée, appetizer, dessert, or beverage.
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Rustic Gourmet–All Vegan, Organic, Living and Gluten-Free
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Taking Orders for Christmas Dinner-in-a-Box
NOW!  $25

Open Christmas Eve  11 to 5    Closed Christmas Day
Open New Year's Eve   11 to 9     Closed New Year's Day

New Year's Day Dinner-in-a-Box
Available for Pickup Dec. 31 between 2 and 4 p.m.;
must pre-order; call 352-735-8411; more info. click here